Spruced Up TweetCatholic Design and Future Stuff

September 11, 2012

Hey all! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve done any updates here. Been busy!

But I recently spruced up the design a bit to make the site look nicer, cleaner and simpler. Next up, the auto-updates will be getting re-activated.

After that, I’m excited about two new big features. And I figure if I tell you about them that maybe it will put some pressure on me to finish them some time soon. 🙂

The first is a new ranking system on TweetCatholic. We’ve always just done the easiest thing, which was to rank by follower count. But, honestly, that’s not really the most useful way to rank folks on here. The new ranking system will rank everyone by how much they are followed by others who are part of the TweetCatholic community. That will be more helpful and will tell new members much more effectively who else they are most likely to be interested in following for each category.

The second is a trending feature. Essentially, it will tell you what words/links have been trending for the week within the TweetCatholic community.

Pretty fun stuff. Anyway, I hope everyone’s been doing well out there! Let us know how you’re doin and keep on tweetin.


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