TweetCatholic Update: Twitter OAuth and Categories

March 31, 2010

Tweet Catholic

Howdy, TweetCatholic-ers. I apologize for taking so long to update TweetCatholic. The Categories functionality has been having some problems for a little while due to some database changes and I’ve only just now been able to address it. Thank you, though, for all of the “nudges” from various people encouraging me to get my act to together. 🙂

So here’s a good first step. TweetCatholic now uses OAuth. What does that mean? Basically it means you can sign up and get on the list by simply clicking the “Login or Sign up” button located at the top right (which is way easier than before) and just follow the instructions. It uses your actual twitter account (so you’ll have to login to twitter) to sign up, but without revealing or compromising any of your twitter login info.

Additionally, current TweetCatholic members can now update their “tags” (formerly called “categories”) in the same manner. Just click the “Login or Sign up” button in the top right and use your twitter account. Easy shmeasy.

I’m working on some other cool updates too for the site, including: Catholic trends, most popular RT/shared links, TweetCatholic badges and more.

I’m always open to new ideas as well. So just holla at me. Also, holla if you have any trouble with anything.

FYI – some of you will notice that your old “categories” did not transfer over to the new system. This is unfortunate and tragic but could not be reasonably helped. Those responsible for sacking the people who were supposed to have been sacked have been sacked. The good news is that you just need to login real quick and set your tags and you’ll be all set. Only takes about 20 seconds.

God bless!

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